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Cleveland – At Least There Was Lake Erie!

I went on road trip with Dani to photograph a wedding in Michigan this weekend, but on Thursday we stayed over in Cleveland to go see The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum because it’s in Dani’s 1001 Things to See Before You Die book (or something like that).  Ladies and gentleman, I’m very sorry if I offend anyone, but seriously, what’s going on with Cleveland??  Well let me side track for a second and say that I need to brush up on my US geography because I had no idea I would be getting to see Lake Erie when Dani told me we would be staying in Cleveland.  I was so flipping excited when we drove over the highway and I saw water!  Tons of water!  It looks like the ocean it’s so big!  I wanted to jump in but refrained…..I don’t think Dani was really crazy about that idea.  Also, a side note on my side track…….we played the license plate game on our road trip and saw 40 states, DC, Ontario, and Quebec!!!  Yes, I know this may sound loserish, but you know you’re secretly a little impressed.  But back to the original side track……good job Cleveland, you’re next to Lake Erie, but you’ve got a major problem which I will now enlighten you all with.  We got checked into our hotel and ready to go out on our Cleveland adventure around 5pm only to find that everything was closed!  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame closes at 5:30.  5:30!!  So no Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for us Thursday night.  We saw there was a science center next door and, being the science dork that I am, thought it would be cool to go inside, but nope, closed at 5!  So we were at a loss for things to do.  Basically you can visit those places during the day, walk around and look at all the old architecture, go see the Cleveland Browns stadium, and look out over that massive lake (that I’m still amazed by).  That’s what you can do in Cleveland.  So we did those things, got dinner at The Chocolate Bar (oh my goodness, best martinis and ice cream ever!) and then went on a little night time photo adventure down by the water……that’s where the pictures come in!  These pictures reminded me that I really need to get out and do night time photography more often.  It’s fun and I always love the results…….

That’s the Browns stadium on the left and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the right.

Lake Erie is out there  🙂

The back view of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I loved all the reflections on the water.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!  The coolest parts were the red leather jacket that Michael Jackson wore in the Thriller video and Lady Gaga’s preserved meat dress and shoes (seriously disgusting!).  I didn’t look to see what this was all about, but we also found a huge stamp and then we found a red metal sculpture that looked like it was made of spider webs.  Again people, Cleveland wasn’t the most happening place!

Aside from Cleveland being a less than stellar city, I still had a great time with Dani and wish I could write more about it, but I’m leaving for Yellowstone tomorrow morning (woohoo!!) and I haven’t even started packing (boo!).

A post about the wedding with the most smiley and excited bride I’ve ever seen coming soon!

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