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Jill + Zach : Hunt Valley Golf Club – Phoenix, Maryland Wedding Photographer

Rain brings life to Earth.  It causes crops to flourish.  Rain is prayed for to bring life to dry land.  It’s considered a blessing and a turn of luck.  Bad luck turned to good.  So it’s only fitting that rain on your wedding day has come to be considered good luck for the couple joining their lives together.  It’s a blessing on their union for a happy life.  Rain washes away dirt….symbolizing a clean, fresh start for the couple as they begin their life together as husband and wife.

Jill and Zach began their life together as husband and wife surrounded by millions of rain drops coming down.  Their friends and family were witness to one of the most beautiful days of their lives, despite the lack of what is commonly considered beautiful.  They didn’t need blue skies and sunshine.  The happiness that radiated from Jill and Zach when they were together was contagious.  Their smiles were genuine and constant.  My day spent at Hunt Valley Golf Club with Jill and Zach was challenged by the rain coming down, but it was exactly as it was supposed to be.  The rain let up just long enough at just the right times, and the result was pictures that I love of a gorgeous couple I am so happy I got to know.

DSC_9046.jpgDSC_9058.jpgDSC_9088.jpgDSC_9097.jpgDSC_9126.jpgDSC_9135.jpgDSC_9155.jpgDSC_9165.jpg I couldn’t decide….color or black and white?  So why not both?!  🙂DSC_9191.jpgDSC_9191-2.jpgDSC_9204.jpgDSC_9217.jpg You can see all the rain drops against their black dresses  🙂DSC_9241.jpgDSC_9248.jpgDSC_9268.jpg And again, Jill giving me this dilemma of color versus black and white.  I can never choose.  I loved the feel that the black and white gives for a rainy day, but then color is just so fun for her.DSC_9275.jpgDSC_9275-2.jpgDSC_9297.jpgDSC_9310.jpgDSC_9377.jpgDSC_9479.jpgDSC_9493.jpgDSC_9510.jpgDSC_9551.jpgDSC_9555.jpgDSC_9585.jpg Did you notice the fan that Jill was holding in some of the photos above instead of a flower bouquet?  Well this is why.  It’s not an amazing photo, but I really wanted to share this story.  DSC_9591.jpgDSC_9752.jpgDSC_9757.jpgDSC_9762.jpgDSC_9782.jpgDSC_9837.jpgDSC_9842.jpgDSC_9881.jpgDSC_9905.jpgDSC_9733.jpgDSC_9914.jpg I would never get tired of taking pictures of this girl….DSC_9932.jpgDSC_9960.jpgDSC_9962.jpgDSC_9734.jpgDSC_9975.jpgDSC_9976.jpgDSC_9981.jpgDSC_9991.jpgDSC_0006.jpgDSC_0019.jpgDSC_0030.jpgDSC_0134.jpgDSC_0136.jpgDSC_9433.jpgDSC_9442.jpgDSC_9447.jpgDSC_9453.jpgDSC_9462.jpgDSC_0053.jpgDSC_0286.jpgDSC_0163.jpgDSC_0184.jpgDSC_0204.jpgDSC_0221.jpgDSC_0407.jpgDSC_0471.jpg

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  • ashley barnettAugust 2, 2013 - 8:58 am

    Love that even through the raindrops she had the BIGGEST smile on her face – that’s what it is all about! Gorgeous wedding, so fun and vibrant!ReplyCancel

  • kathyAugust 2, 2013 - 9:09 am

    Such a colorful wedding! I agree with Ashley – I love that she was a trooper even though it was raining – the shots are so cute with the umbrellas and rain drops!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • DaniAugust 2, 2013 - 11:24 am

    Wow!! Hands down my favorite wedding from you yet. I love that first shot, last outdoor shots of the night and all of the shots in between. Love the pops of hot pink. Love the ones of just her. Seriously, awesome work.ReplyCancel