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Lizzie + Nick : Brantwyn Estate Wedding {Delaware Wedding Photographer}

So I went from blogging 5 days last week to only once this week.  womp womp  I’ve done lots of editing!!…just not blogging.  But that means I can only go up from this for next week  🙂

What can I say about Lizzie and Nick other than these two are total cuties?!  There are a bajillion portraits in this post and I think they will show you that they are so totally adorable together.  Lizzie doesn’t stop smiling.  It’s not in her nature.  And when Nick looks at Lizzie he smiles a smile that is unlike any other you see coming from him at any other time.  It’s a smile of total adoration and happiness.  Per usual, after the Anniversary Dance that Lizzie and Nick had during their reception to find out which married couple in attendance has been married the longest, the DJ came out and asked the winners if they had any secrets on how to make a marriage last that long.  Lizzie and Nick’s Grandfather took the microphone and simply said “You suffer through it”.  Of course it got some laughs and can be taken jokingly, but there is also a lot of truth in that statement.  Marriage is hard and when there are rough patches sometimes you just have to suffer through it.  It won’t be the most pleasant thing, but it’ll fade.  I don’t see how Lizzie and Nick will ever have to suffer through anything.  They are perfectly matched and, if their smiles were any indication, their love and happiness will easily get them through anything.  I mean, come on, Lizzie is so cute that once she got her gown on she couldn’t stop giddily proclaiming “I’m a bride!!!”.  She was one of the most excited brides I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around.  And it lasted the entire day.  Lizzie and Nick loving each other is going to be a piece of cake  🙂

I’ll go ahead and get on with the pictures but I just have to mention this venue.  Lizzie and Nick got married at the AMAZING Brantwyn Estate….for serious people this place is one of the most gorgeous venues I have been to.  It was like I was walking through some old secret garden.  If you’re not far from Delaware, get married there!  And have me be your photographer!!  And a huge thanks to my second shooter for the day Sara.  I had such a great time with you and it was awesome hearing the surround sound clicking going on around me all day  😉

Brantwyn Estate-1.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-2.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-3.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-5.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-7.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-9.jpg

Brantwyn Estate-10.jpgBrantwyn Estate-25.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-6.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-8.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-11.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-22.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-13.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-15.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-19.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-17.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-26.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-30.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-33.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-36.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-37.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-38.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-39.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-41.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-44.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-45.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-48.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-49.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-51.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-52.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-56.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-58.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-59.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-61.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-63.jpgBrantwyn Estate-68.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-70.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-72.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-73.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-75.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-76.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-67.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-78.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-80.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-96.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-92.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-93.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-100.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-101.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-104.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-106.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-107.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-108.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-109.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-111.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-114.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-116.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-120.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-121.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-125.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-124.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-128.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-129.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-132.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-134.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-136.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-138.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-139.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-141.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-143.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-144.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-145.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-146.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-147.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-99.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-81.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-83.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-86.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-88.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-150.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-153.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-154.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-158.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-160.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-164.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-168.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-171.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-182.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-183.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-186.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-188.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-195.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-161.jpg
Brantwyn Estate-162.jpg
Selfie!!  Hi Sara!Brantwyn Estate-90.jpg

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  • MatoliNovember 8, 2013 - 2:56 pm

    Wow, now that looks like it was a fun wedding to shoot! Love the vibrant colors!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah AdamsNovember 8, 2013 - 4:08 pm

    I LOVE your creative posing and composition! That one of them with their bridal party holding them in so cute! My favorite has to be the one you took from outside the window- SO magical! Love your work and love this wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Michael & Carina PhotographyNovember 8, 2013 - 4:52 pm

    Earrings on the bracelet – shut the front door. TOO GOOD. OMG.ReplyCancel

  • Michael & CarinaNovember 8, 2013 - 4:52 pm

    Earrings on the bracelet – shut the front door. TOO GOOD. OMG.ReplyCancel

  • Allison HammondNovember 8, 2013 - 7:32 pm

    These were sooo awesome! The place where the wedding was was beautiful! I absolutely loved that you caught the flip on the dance floor! I love, love, loved the colors the Bride chose. I love that you share all of your sessions.ReplyCancel