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Michelle + Greg : Hollow Creek Golf Club Wedding – Middletown, MD

While every wedding I have the privilege of photographing means a lot to me, this one was extra special and really hit home.  I’m incredibly nervous sitting here typing this, as I don’t know exactly what to say, but I do know there are a massive amount of people from my past that will be reading this.  People that, until I was at Michelle’s wedding, I hadn’t seen since high school.  There a million things I could say.  I could ramble on about how I’ve known Michelle since elementary school, how we played on every single volleyball team together since seventh grade, how I would ride the bus to her house after school, that I called her Mom and Dad Mommy and Daddy Levin, how Daddy Levin used to call me L.A. (before my name changed to Cunningham, of course), about the sleepovers we used to have and how Michelle used to be terrified of roller coasters but she agreed to get on the Super Duper Looper at Hersheypark only if she got to ride with my Dad.  I have a ton of history with Michelle and she was one of my most cherished friends throughout elementary, middle, and high school.  But this story isn’t about Michelle and me.  It’s about the love story of her and Greg.  This amazing man that she found at Penn State, lived without for a while, came back to, and will now spend the rest of her life loving.  I won’t sit here and talk about the in’s and out’s of their relationship and get all romantic, because I don’t know their love that well.  But from what I have gotten to see, their love is real and it’s fun.  They’re best friends.  Which, anyone that knows Michelle, is saying a lot, because she has a TON of friends.  They make bets with each other.  They make bets over football games and Greg loses (because he bets FOR the Vikings to win) and has to pick up after doggy bathroom breaks in the yard for a month.  He laughs.  She laughs.  They have fun with each other.  And I’m so happy that Michelle has that for her future with Greg.  No matter how much time goes by, I will always consider her my friend, so I can’t tell you how honored and thrilled I was that she and Greg asked me to photograph their wedding.  I couldn’t wait for the day.  Greg was super handsome and Michelle was the most beautiful that I have seen her in the past 25 years.  Thank you both and your families so very much for allowing me to be there for one of the most amazing days of your lives.

Now….more pictures than should really be in one blog post…..but oh well…..

A surprise gift from her groom.  He did good!  

Daddy Levin seeing his little girl for the first time.  I think his exact words were, “Wow, I made that”.

This was one big bridal party.  I always feel so accomplished after posing so many people!

These two gorgeous ladies are Michelle’s older sisters.  Michelle bought them all necklaces of their initials since all three of them now have different last names.  

LOVE these two….Holding on of her niece’s during the Matrons of Honor speech…..thought it was so cute.Photographer in a picture!!  Hagerstown people!!  Half of these ladies (and one gentlemen!) I’ve know just as long as I’ve known Michelle.  Then others are from middle and high school.  So glad I was able to be a part of this photo.  🙂

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  • Emilia JaneApril 23, 2013 - 9:30 am

    Love that first horizontal bridal party shot…I need to get better with posing huge groups like that! 🙂ReplyCancel