Hi, I'm Lauren! Welcome to my blog! I'm a Maryland wedding and portrait photographer that loves beautiful light and has an obsession with the water. This is my pretty little place to show off all of my most recent photography adventures and the stories behind them. So get comfy and have a look around!

From Maryland to Myrtle Beach

I’ll be leaving tomorrow for a week long trip to Myrtle Beach for a work training.  In order to not be the absolute worst blogger in the entire universe, I figured I needed to at least leave you with a picture before I left.  Normally, I would try to be a brat and brag about how I’m going to someplace warmer than Maryland in February (even though Myrtle Beach in February is in no way brag worthy, to be honest), but the weather we’ve been having here kind of stole that opportunity from me.  And I’m happy it has.  Bye for now, Maryland.  I’ll miss all your beauty.


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