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Reindeer Cat

I guess it’s about time I show you all my crazy cat lady side…..

I have three cats……Charlie, Dexter, and Tilly.  I love them all so very much but Charlie is the love of my life (yep, crazy cat lady).  I’m totally that “parent” who has a favorite “child”.  Don’t judge me.

I couldn’t resist when I saw this jingle bell ruffled collar and antlers in the pet section of Target.  All I could do is squeal and think of how I had to buy it and how flippin cute my little Charlie would be in it, despite how much I knew it would ruin his world.  But it would only do that for a moment……..he’s Charlie……….I make him sad and he forgives me in 2.6 seconds and goes back to giving me head butts.  The morning of Christmas Eve it was time to bring on the cuteness.  He let me put the collar and antlers on without much of a fight and then didn’t care too much as long as he had a constant stream of treats coming his way.  The cuteness about killed me.

I know this one is blurry, but seriously “Get it off me Momma”…..He owns my heart with this picture.Love his fatness.Oh the cuteness.
This is Dexter.  He had the get-up on just long enough for a picture.  He’s a sweet boy but this made him oh so sad. Please excuse the gunk in his eyes……..or maybe they’re tears.And this is my little girl, Tilly.  She’s way skittish.  Putting the “outfit” on her wasn’t even an option.  She would hate me for life.  Just getting this picture was an accomplishment.

I just might have to get some bunny ears come Easter  🙂

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