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Happy Mother’s Day!!

I decided to be a little goofy and channel my inner child (and copy an idea off of Pinterest) for Mother’s Day by having craft time and making my Mom a gift.  You know, the kind of gift that only a Mom would love.  And she has to love it because she’s your Mom no matter how ugly it is or how badly it didn’t work out because when you originally planned on making this certain gift you didn’t think about how your own 29 year old hands are WAY bigger than the little kid hands used to make the ones you saw on Pinterest.  Yes, that was a really long sentence.  And yes, I think it’s great that I’m 29 and made my Mom something for Mother’s Day this year.  But come on, she’s not just going to love it because she has to, she’s going to love it because it totally looks like a pretty purple-petalled flower, right?  Right???

  Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and all the Mothers out there!!  But mine’s the best.  😉


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