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Sam + Todd : Waverly Mansion Wedding {Maryland Wedding Photographer}

Happy Labor Day everyone!!  Is that something people actually say to each other or am I just being weird?  Probably just being weird.  Either way, I thought I would share on this awesome day off a couple that is equally as awesome!  I’m going to be quick with this one since I’m trying for having the day off myself, but the entire world should know that I absolutely adore Sam and Todd.  They know how I feel about them…..at least I hope they remember what I told them at the end of the night.  😉   Ever since photographing their engagement session I had been looking forward to seeing Sam and Todd again.  Not only did I know that the wedding was going to be gorgeous, but I knew there was no way it wasn’t going to be blast.  These two didn’t disappoint.  When the threat of rain started to put a kink in the day, and threatened Sam’s vision for their ceremony, it broke my heart.   My amazing second shooter Erin went with Todd on a mission and they made sure that nothing would change up what Sam wanted.  These two deserved to have the perfect day, exactly how they had dreamed it to be, and I’m so happy that it worked out in the end.  Meticulously planned details, a gorgeous venue with Waverly Mansion, corn hole, Natty Boh, some of the most fun friends of the bride and groom I’ve ever met, and then not to mention that Sam is beautiful and Todd is one handsome dude, I couldn’t have asked for more.  And I don’t think they could have, either.  🙂
Waverly Mansion-1.jpgWaverly Mansion-13.jpgWaverly Mansion-2.jpgWaverly Mansion-3.jpgWaverly Mansion-9.jpgWaverly Mansion-8.jpgWaverly Mansion-7.jpgWaverly Mansion-6.jpgWaverly Mansion-33.jpgWaverly Mansion-34.jpgWaverly Mansion-37.jpgWaverly Mansion-39.jpgWaverly Mansion-38.jpgWaverly Mansion-41.jpgWaverly Mansion-16.jpgWaverly Mansion-17.jpgWaverly Mansion-18.jpgWaverly Mansion-20.jpgWaverly Mansion-21.jpgWaverly Mansion-59.jpgYou all need to look closely at this program.  This is the perfect example of why Sam and Todd are the absolute coolest bride and groom.  Read on down.  Did you get to the part where it says “Photographers Lauren and Erin will take some great candids throughout the night”?  Yeah…..they included me in their program.  Boom.

Waverly Mansion-99.jpgWaverly Mansion-44.jpgWaverly Mansion-46.jpgWaverly Mansion-49.jpgWaverly Mansion-51.jpgWaverly Mansion-54.jpgWaverly Mansion-56.jpgWaverly Mansion-58.jpgWaverly Mansion-62.jpgWaverly Mansion-60.jpgWaverly Mansion-64.jpgWaverly Mansion-65.jpgWaverly Mansion-67.jpgWaverly Mansion-68.jpgWaverly Mansion-69.jpgWaverly Mansion-71.jpgWaverly Mansion-73.jpgWaverly Mansion-75.jpgWaverly Mansion-78.jpgWaverly Mansion-79.jpgWaverly Mansion-80.jpgWaverly Mansion-81.jpgWaverly Mansion-84.jpgWaverly Mansion-86.jpgWaverly Mansion-90.jpgWaverly Mansion-91.jpgWaverly Mansion-92.jpgWaverly Mansion-94.jpgWaverly Mansion-87.jpgWaverly Mansion-26.jpgWaverly Mansion-23.jpgWaverly Mansion-22.jpgWaverly Mansion-24.jpgWaverly Mansion-30.jpgWaverly Mansion-31.jpgOh yeah, and then I also got to sit at a real table.  LOVE THEM.Waverly Mansion-103.jpgWaverly Mansion-106.jpgWaverly Mansion-104.jpgWaverly Mansion-112.jpgWaverly Mansion-114.jpgWaverly Mansion-109.jpgWaverly Mansion-111.jpgWaverly Mansion-121.jpgWaverly Mansion-127.jpgAnd then while they were cutting the cake, the knife broke.  Makes for good memories and fun cake-cutting photos  🙂Waverly Mansion-129.jpgWaverly Mansion-134.jpgWaverly Mansion-140.jpgWaverly Mansion-144.jpgWaverly Mansion-146.jpg


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  • Debbie MSeptember 2, 2013 - 2:08 pm

    lovely outdoor weddingReplyCancel

  • Gina StoneySeptember 2, 2013 - 2:55 pm

    Lauren, the photos are fantastic. You guys did a great job. I can’t thank you enough. You’d never know from these pictures that the day was pretty gloomy. I remember you saying that photographers love cloudy days and you were right! Thanks again.ReplyCancel